Zina Profile Thumb


3 days ago

I have no complaints. Everything has been good and smooth. I've enjoyed my stay here and have not ran into any issues with anything. I would recommend this place to a friend.

Mackenzi Profile Thumb


6 days ago

Gateway apartments are great. The staff is very helpful when needed. The amenities are very useful and I am glad to have them available 24/7.

Jean Profile Thumb


7 days ago

After making my last complaint about the halls not being cleaned all year, I called corporates and they got the job done. Thank you corporate! Now all we need to do is to get management of the property to "consistently" replace the green puppy poo collection bags so people get into the habit of collecting their poo. Replacing green poo bags in only one of the 5 stations is NOT enough!!! I tired of walking the property to find green poo collection bags and started buying my own at Dollar Tree.

Jeremiah Profile Thumb


8 days ago

I have enjoyed my time at Gateway. The staff always have an answer to everyones question. There is a lot of space for one person. I really like how gateway is very quiet all the time.

Norika Profile Thumb


8 days ago

My building has an elevator, which is very convenient when I have a lot of luggage. The staff is very friendly and helpful, so it is very comfortable and easy to live in. My room is spacious and comfortable

Samantha Profile Thumb


9 days ago

Its a really nice little community and the staff are very friendly and will get stuff done when needed. I love all of the events that they plan for us residents its makes it just so much better

Kylie Profile Thumb


13 days ago

Overall my stay here has been pretty good. The staff is really helpful and maintenance is great. It’s been a lot better since my neighbors moved out.

Audrey Profile Thumb


14 days ago

Haven’t had too many complaints yet. Have had a few hiccups along the way but staff was always very quick to respond and get the matter settled in a timely manner. Loved living here. Would definitely recommend.

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