Valentin S. Profile Thumb

Valentin S.

3 days ago

Everything here is great the people the place it feels like home even tho I'm 6 hours away from my home just wished we had tennis courts here but everything is great.

Hannah C. Profile Thumb

Hannah C.

12 days ago

I love the community here. The amenities are great and the staff is super nice/helpful. My neighbors are extremely nice as well and so friendly.

Allyson L. Profile Thumb

Allyson L.

14 days ago

Pretty quiet community at night and also mostly during the day. I think lights in the parking lot and dog park would be nice. The dog park could use improvement and fixing in general

Brian M. Profile Thumb

Brian M.

19 days ago

So far living at Gateway has been fine to me, No complaints really. The housing is fine , staff is polite, amenities are useful, and it’s not that far from anywhere I gotta go

Daszia S. Profile Thumb

Daszia S.

21 days ago

Great place to live, shuttle, amenities, and quiet atmosphere. great staff love living here. So close to campus and the office makes life easier

Juan F. Profile Thumb

Juan F.

23 days ago

It was an experience I enjoyed. My roommates were fantastic. Even though they leave this year, room matching is good! I would enjoy releasing here every year.

Amanda C. Profile Thumb

Amanda C.

1 month ago

It’s has been wonderful. There was always Super friendly and helpful staff when I needed anything. The amenities are beautifully kept and are very helpful!

Yulissa N. Profile Thumb

Yulissa N.

1 month ago

Gateway is a home away from home. I never had any problems with my apartment and would sign here again if I could. The amenities and staff are great!

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