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Jafedh M. Profile Thumb

Jafedh M.

5 days ago

I had a really good experience here overall. I was able to have overall peaceful nights in my room even if neighbors were easily heard with their activities which I really appreciated, having to work long hour days. Really good place!

Erika H. Profile Thumb

Erika H.

9 days ago

During spring break maintenance came to clean the vents. They replaced the light in the kitchen then left the bulb on the floor. For some reason they moved my kitchen chair into my room and didn’t put it back. I had black stuff from the vents all over my sink and carpet. I was very upset to come back to my apartment and see everything moved and stuff left by them. Then yesterday the pipe to the washing machine broke from the building shifting. They told me a plumber would be here today, June 3rd. He came in to see the pipe and then left with maintenance team. I called asking if he was coming back today and the office told me yes but he’s taking a lunch break. Then the office calls back 6 hours later saying he won’t be back until next week. I still have laundry in my washer and dryer that I can not get to because it’s pushed against the wall. I am very disappointed in the maintenance team that handles building 4. I wish I could add more words, I have a lot more grievances I could list.

Hey Erika, I do apologize this is the first time I am hearing about the vent cleaners leaving your apartment in disorder while cleaning out the vent. I will definitely give them a call regarding this matter. We now do have a new maintenance technician to have better customer service with our residents moving forward. I would like to apologize for the last maintenance technician's actions as well. As far as the plumbing issue. I am trying to find another plumber that can get this work done earlier. I understand this is an unexpected incident and parts are not bought in stores. This involves the whole entire building from where the breakage is the source. We are trying our best to fix the issue. I completely understand the inconvenience and long process it is taking. I appreciate your understanding and patience.

Briana T. Profile Thumb

Briana T.

10 days ago

The apartment complex is very nice. The front desk staff is very nice and helpful. The amenities are nice and the gym is spectacular. The only issue that I've come across is the large number of insects that make their way into my apartment or the front door.

Hello Briana, Thank you for your review! We apologize for the issue you are having with the insects. We have our pest control coming this Friday to do our general spray. I will be happy to have you down as a scheduled request. We definitely want to fix the issue you are having. Thank you!

Kennedi W. Profile Thumb

Kennedi W.

13 days ago

overall a good community. i wish there were more lights since it tends to get really dark at night. office employees are really nice & the maintenance men are very attentive

Hey Kennedi! Thank you so much for your feed back. We want to make sure all our residents feel safe. We got done changing out all the breezeway lights that went out the property this week. This should help with making the property more bright at night. I apologize for the long process it took. Please let me know if there are anything else you would like to bring to our attention. Thank you!

Brandi H. Profile Thumb

Brandi H.

15 days ago

Front office ppl are always nice and helpful. Never have I had a bad experience with them. They always answer the phone also. My ac always goes out in my apartment

Hey Brandi, Thank you for your review! I apologize for the AC issue you were experiencing. We've changed out the elements since your last work order. Please let me know if this still did not fix the issue and we will take care of it right away. I am thankful and appreciative for your patience.

Mirya W. Profile Thumb

Mirya W.

17 days ago

Gateway is a nice community everyone is nice and helpful. Management have outstanding customer service and great with following up with issues.very organized

Hi Mirya! Thank you so much for your feedback. We love having you as one of our residents. We are so happy to see your stay here is going great!

Avery G. Profile Thumb

Avery G.

19 days ago

It was pretty good the kitchen could be updated to be a little more modern and nicer but overall I have loved gateway and really wnjoyed my experience.

Hey Avery, thank you so much for your review. We are excited to have you for another year!

Emily L. Profile Thumb

Emily L.

19 days ago

I haven’t had any issues with any of the property management. If there’s a problem management usually fixes it within a few days. No complaints here.

Hey Emily, thank you so much for your feedback! We are so glad you are enjoying your stay with us. If any issues arise please always contact the office and we will get that fixed for you right away.

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