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Kieley T. Profile Thumb

Kieley T.

7 days ago

The apartments are good quality! The office is quick to respond to emails and they provide great costumer service! The amenities are super nice!

Hey Kieley, We are so glad you are able to enjoy the amazing amenities we have! Thank you for choosing Gateway for your home away from home :) - Management

Erika H. Profile Thumb

Erika H.

12 days ago

I lived at Aspen last year and this apartment is so much bigger. I like how big the rooms are as well as the living room. The only issues i’ve had was my carpet was INFESTED with fleas when i moved in, but i got a spray for it. I also had work orders take a long time to be fixed.

Hello Erika, I apologize for the inconvenience! Please let us know if you are still having pest issues. We want to make sure you are very satisfied with your home. I know maintenance is behind on work orders. We are still trying to catch up. If you need something fixed immediately please feel free to reach out to the office. We thank you so much for choosing Gateway your new home! Thank you Management

Bethany F. Profile Thumb

Bethany F.

16 days ago

So far everything has been amazing I just wish the computer lab was open seven days a week. it would make printing this so much easier is all.

Hello Bethany, I apologize our amenities are not available 24/7 due to the pandemic. If you need anything printed and do not have time to make the computer lab reservation. Please email it to and subject line to be "Request to print". The office can print it out for you to pick up. Thank you, Management

Carsen G. Profile Thumb

Carsen G.

20 days ago

I really enjoy the living space and the feel of the community. The problems i have are with the organization of management and the timeliness of maintenance.

Hello Carsen, We are glad you are enjoying your living space. If you would like to to discuss your issues further please feel free to schedule a call with the manager in the office. We want to make sure our residents are satisfied. Thank you, Management

Jafedh M. Profile Thumb

Jafedh M.

20 days ago

Almost everything so far has been great! The staff is very helpful and friendly, and the move-in process in August was very easy. The only reason the rating I am giving is not 5 stars is because of the state that the apartment was in when I first arrived. There were many things missing, broken, or destroyed when we first moved in. My only wish is that service requests would be completed a bit sooner. This is a very nice community overall.

Hello Jafedh, Thank you for your feedback. We apologize the apartment was not up to your standards. We are trying very hard to have our maintenance get caught up with the work orders. If you would like to discuss any issues further, please contact the front office. Thank you, Management

Sophia R. Profile Thumb

Sophia R.

23 days ago

I haven't been living here for very long but everyone in the office is extremely welcoming and helpful. Maintenance is not as fast as I wish it would be.

Hey Sophia, We apologize our maintenance team is running slow. Since move- in day we are trying to get to everyone's request. We will have more time efficient once they get all caught up. For any further concerns please contact the office or email us! Thank you, Management

Samantha M. Profile Thumb

Samantha M.

23 days ago

Much better than my last apartment. The rooms are a good size and the closet space is great. Love the kitchen and all the storage space. Only complaints are the bathrooms lack storage space and the appliances, such as the dishwasher and laundry machines, are not great quality.

Hello Samantha, We apologize our appliances aren't up to your expectation. Our units are 15 years old and we are doing what we can to keep them up! If you have any work orders you'd like to put it. Please call us at the office so we can get to it as soon as possible. Thank you, Management

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