Sydney D. Profile Thumb

Sydney D.

1 day ago

the staff is so amazing and understanding, maintenance is so fast, and super nice and respectful when they are in your apartment. Living at gateway is the best decision i have ever made.

Camryn R. Profile Thumb

Camryn R.

2 days ago

I love the apartments! Everything has been amazing except maintenance timing lol but I understand that there is only one guy. But overall its all super great :)

Kylie B. Profile Thumb

Kylie B.

4 days ago

Love the unit we’re in and the people working in the office. There’s a small problem with getting the maintenance man to come and fix things.

Blake C. Profile Thumb

Blake C.

6 days ago

so far everything has been great, the woman at the front desk was very helpful when i arrived for my move in and was very kind, but the apartment itself had a number of damages that are simple repairs that were just left alone like the air return filters had probably not been changed in a year and subsequently the AC is not blowing out any cold air. everyone that I have spoken to here is very kind and friendly, but the apartment itself could have been repaired a little better.

Stephanie G. Profile Thumb

Stephanie G.

6 days ago

So far my experience at Gateway has been great other than a couple of small little hiccups. The staff in the front office is friendly and helpful when you ask them questions and Helen is very quick at getting back to you if you express any concerns.

Kayla G. Profile Thumb

Kayla G.

7 days ago

the apartment wasn’t the greatest. Needs to be updated. Roommates sucked. Main ten right was alright. Fast for the most part. Staff was great and nice

Kaitlan M. Profile Thumb

Kaitlan M.

8 days ago

It's a nice little place to live. I just wish that the people that lived here before my friends and I had taken a little bit more care of the place.

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